Truly Tiny Houses

Bird watching has been a hobby for many avid outdoorsmen over the years, but birds need safe nesting places to find an area attractive. Building bird houses has long been part of many industrial arts programs at schools, and some people have found it to be an attractive hobby. They find pleasure in the building of their miniature houses, and they have the added enjoyment of watching birds raise their young when the house is placed in a nearby tree or on a stand.

Birds come in all shapes and sizes, and their nesting habits differ with each species. Some of them need a small space to feel comfortable, so they require a very tiny house with little room inside. Other birds prefer to nest in groups, and building a tiny building of bird condos is what they need. Open space outside the house is often part of a bird’s nesting requirements, so creating their miniature house might require it to be able to attach to a tall post.

When people become involved in building these tiny dwellings, they often share the product of their labors with family and friends. Some people have huge collections, and hundreds of birds return to their property yearly. This is an extraordinary accomplishment in the modern world, and it is a way to preserve bird species without a large investment of time or money. Giving loved ones a gift that will entertain them for years to come is another welcome part of enjoying this hobby.

Hobbies that are shared can lead to extra enjoyment, and building bird houses is no exception. Many parents or grandparents teach young children in the family how to build them, and they share the joy of creation as well as teaching them how their hobby can help creatures of other species to thrive in the modern world.